Let’s Talk Talent!

Collin County has landed on the TOP TEN County List for Developing the local Talent Pool. Let’s dive in…

No matter who you are, where you live, or your current employment status, you’ve likely seen a “Now Hiring,” “Sign on Bonus…,” or “Due to staff limitations, the dining room is closed” sign somewhere. Talent, and more importantly PEOPLE are at the top of mind for employers, and therefore, at the top of mind for economic developers.

It’s always neat to find third-party data, not paid for or sponsored by us, and which proves some of the stats we’ve uncovered on our own and share with companies interested in relocating to the DFW region.

Resoundingly, Collin County makes the top of the lists regularly.)

In 2015 Emsi started a Talent Attraction Scorecard which ranks counties on how well they’re doing at developing their talent pool. Rankings are based on the following: IRS migration data, job growth (overall and skilled), education attainment, regional competitiveness, and job openings per capita. The 2020 report, published in 2021 uncovered a few themes:

  • The impact of decades of low birth rates is beginning to show
  • The attractiveness of suburbs and exurbs is growing
  • Regional trends have the Northwest, Mountain West, and Southeast leading

Thanks to the good work of Emsi, here’s a few quick Collin County stats we’ll leave you with:

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Emsi Burning Glass Labor Market Analytics, 2021

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