Tek Leaders, Inc announces relocation to McKinney, Texas.

Fast growing and global IT services firm Tek Leaders, Inc. has finalized plans to relocate its headquarters from Frisco to McKinney, Texas. Tek Leaders, Inc. has committed to relocating 140 full time employees and creating 100 additional jobs at their new location at the intersection of Custer and Silverado. 

Tek Leaders, Inc. plans to build a 3-story, 30,000-square-foot office building with an additional penthouse space. Construction on the office building is set to begin early in 2024, with completion estimated by December 2025.

In addition to this new office space in McKinney, plans for a 35,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Badminton and Pickleball facility housing 22 indoor and 4 outdoor courts have been proposed at the site.

“Relocating to McKinney marks a significant step in our mission to innovate and lead in the data solutions sector,” said Devender Aerrabolu, CEO. “We look forward to contributing to and thriving in this vibrant community.”

The relocation and new development by Tek Leaders represent a significant investment in McKinney, highlighting our city’s appeal as a prime location for business relocation, growth, and innovation. These projects will not only create job opportunities but also enhance our community amenities and lifestyle.

“McKinney’s quality of life continues to attract top talent in key industries”, says Michael Kowski, President and CEO of the McKinney Economic Development Corporation. “The team at Tek Leaders have developed a unique concept that aligns perfectly with the vision and heartbeat of McKinney. We’re thrilled they’re here.”


Tek Leaders, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Devender Aerrabolu on the premise of providing custom solutions for clients with specific IT service needs. The company has gained a wide array of accolades for its rapid growth, creative solutions, and data visualization. Tek Leaders intends to continue its impressive growth and development with the addition of their new headquarters in the City of McKinney.

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