McKinney has a young, highly educated workforce. We are one of the fastest-growing communities and regions in America, so our resources only continue to grow. Companies in McKinney have access to the county’s existing labor pool as well as our own Collin College for excellent academic and occupationally-related training programs.

Quick Facts

Median Age




Population Growth (99-19)


Workforce (Collin County)


High School Grad or Higher


Bachelor's Degree or Higher



Population Density (Pop/Sq Mi)

Total Population (2023 Estimate)


Male Population

Data Source: City of McKinney (Jan 2020)

Total Population

Total Households


Female Population

McKinney’s Population

Experian’s Mosaic® USA Consumer Profiles

(Top Three)

Generational Soup 28.8%

Key Features

  • Affluent
  • Rooted in the suburbs
  • Multi-generational households
  • Fitness club members
  • Outdoor hobbies
  • Charitable donor

Fast Track Couples 18.4%

Key Features

  • Credit-aware
  • Comfortable spender
  • Active lifestyles
  • Tech-savvy
  • Music lovers
  • Football fans

Wired for Success 8.8%

Key Features

  • Conspicuous consumption
  • Digital media gurus
  • Value education
  • Status-seekers
  • Liberal household
  • Active lifestyles


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McKinney is Unstoppable

McKinney is the largest city in Collin County and is one of the top 10 fastest growing in economic growth in the Nation (FootNote: Wallethub 2018). McKinney has been ranked No.1 Best Place to Move to in America by Money Magazine and continues to grow and expand every year. Our population has increased a staggering 365% in the last 20 years alone. Our major arterial highways that surround our city place us as a prime development site in the North Texas Market. Corporations are taking advantage of our location and quality of life for relocations and expansions. And we have just begun.

In McKinney, we don’t recruit businesses. We BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. There is a reason that major corporations celebrate 20 year and 30 year anniversaries in our community like Tong Yang Group (20 Years) and Encore Wire (30 years). We are hyper-focused on delivering not only attraction assistance but continued growth and expansion assistance so that your corporation can join our community and celebrate with us for decades to come.

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