Snipitz Market Expands Corporate HQ in McKinney

The MEDC (McKinney Economic Development Corporation) has kicked off 2023 with a bang furthering their mission to expand economic development in the City of McKinney through its MEDC Innovation Fund. The latest recipient, Snipitz, of an Innovation Grant has been with one of the most progressive and innovative companies yet and solidified Snipitz’ corporate relocation into McKinney’s own Serendipity Labs. “We’re thrilled to welcome Snipitz as resident members of the Serendipity Labs’ McKinney location,” said Amanda Harriger, Regional Vice President at Serendipity Labs. “Denny’s vision is going to change the game in terms of how we view and engage video content, especially sports, and we couldn’t be happier that they are going to be part of our community.
Stemmed from his own frustration for lack of personalization while watching broadcasted events, Snipitz Founder and CEO, Denny Darmo says, “I was tired of being fed someone else’s narrative of how an event should be experienced. I believe in individuality of choice and perspective – all things that legacy broadcast severely lacks. It was time for content ingestion to be as unique as those who are watching it; so I put a wireframe together and started building it out.” Darmo also recognized a need within the broader industry to better understand the viewing trends of Boomers, Millennials, Gen’s Z and Alpha, and how they greatly differ from one generation to another. Beyond the fact that 91% of young adults have ditched cable, today’s viewers are accustomed to short-form videos on mobile devices and through social media. However, content owners continue to distribute linear content as they did 30 years ago, and wonder why their viewership has severely declined. Their inability to satiate the needs of “content-hopping” fans has been steadily threatening viewership and revenues over the years. As a result, content owners are actively seeking technology solutions to salvage both.
The Snipitz SMART Video Interface delivers multiple content channels from a single destination within the content owner’s sphere of monetization. The platform empowers each fan to engage with multiple content channels and experiences, interact with other viewers, and socially share video Snipz(TM). Snipitz’s fan-first approach allows for global sports and entertainment content owners to track the viewer journey and profile at an individual level, versus grouping fans together under a presumed demographic with mirrored needs and preferences, uniquely empowering them to understand their fans more deeply and personally than ever before. This process positions Snipitz to develop the most intuitive AI algorithm for their clients to increase ad revenues and improve fan retention through predictive content programming and advertising, feeding each fan their most relevant experience – even as those preferences change over time.
“Today’s media consumer is interested in a diversity of options and customization. We’ve worked to make McKinney a true home to many different companies and ecosystems, rather than a “one size fits all” community…We are thrilled that Snipitz is expanding to call McKinney home and bringing another AI platform here.” Peter Tokar III, MEDC President
Their CDI includes API’s for betting, gamification, performance AI, metaverse, social, and more, making it simple for content providers to integrate alternate platforms and technologies on a trial basis, allowing them track viewership and engagement performance across their audiences. By utilizing Snipitz as a performance ‘testing bed’, content owners are ultimately saving them time and money before on full integration commitments, while learning from their viewers interests beyond live game content, expanding their knowledge and ability to market more efficiently.
Snipitz continues to strengthen its roots and gain traction in the greater Dallas area receiving one of the largest investments ever made by NTAN (North Texas Angel Network) into the company’s most recent funding round with over 20 NTAN members participating in this investment opportunity through an SPV. “North Texas Angel Network investors are excited to have invested in Snipitz because Snipitz, and its founder, Denny Darmo, continue to excite the world of sports broadcasting and content distribution as fan engagement continues to evolve”, says Jeff Murphy, Executive Director of the North Texas Angel Network. Torrey Barnhouse, NTAN investor adds, “Viewers drive the market these days and tired, old, conventional methods of engaging them no longer satisfy. They have grown to expect something different, fun and engaging and Snipitz does not disappoint. Nowhere else can a fan find such a unique and intuitive platform. Period. Hard stop. Other technologies don’t even come close. Denny and his team have done something truly special.”
Darmo is also nominated for “Rising Entrepreneur” of the year through The DEC Network (Dallas Entrepreneur Center) who is partnered with the MEDC and North Texas Angel Network. “I was first introduced to Denny and his company Snipitz at Dallas Startup Week in 2022” saysKendall Castillo, Senior Manager of Events for The DEC Network” We were ecstatic to hear his story and learn more about the innovative SMART Video technology being produced by Snipitz. I look forward to seeing how Snipitz continues to grow as a company.
Snipitz is one of the many tech companies that have recently announced their expansion or relocation into McKinney via the Innovation Fund; other startups like StadiumDrop, CX Data Labs, Confer, and Shear Share also recently opened headquarters in the city.
About Snipitz
Snipitz offers the most personalized viewer journey for end users, while utilizing that ability to provide content owners the most individualized viewer journey data to learn and understand their viewer behaviors and preferences unlike any other. The fan interactivity serves as a tool gaining insights to build the Snipitz predictive data algorithm, specific to each content client. This SMART Videoplayer includes API’s for betting, metaverse, social, and more, allowing for seamless integration of alternate platforms and technologies for enterprise clients to learn their viewers interests beyond live event coverage, expanding their ability to market and monetize most efficiently. Visit for more information.
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