Next-Generation Fintech Platform Confer Announces HQ Relocation to McKinney

Previously based in California, Confer, Inc. has become one of the leading financial technology firms that focus on democratizing mortgages. Earlier this month, they announced relocation of the official headquarters of Confer Today was moved from San Francisco to McKinney, TX. The team has an office in the Serendipity Labs Building at Hub 121.
Recently Confer launched its mobile app called Confer Today, which is free to download and free to use on Apple app stores and Google Play stores. This app allows a borrower to compare two or more mortgage offers (Loan Estimates) from different lenders. Their proprietary service, CfaaS (Compare-as-a-Service), compares lenders’ offers fee-by-fee and recommends customizations beneficial to borrowers.
With rising interest rates and scarcity in the housing market supply, many borrowers are extra cautious in choosing the right mortgage product and associated services.
Founder & CEO Yatin Karnik state
“Present market supply conditions have lowered housing affordability, and the Confer app is being introduced to reduce or mitigate the impact when used during the home buying experience. The end goal is to guide buyers in making a conscious and intelligent decision.”
Additionally, the Mortgage Marketplace Confer is building would be a cloud-based platform that enables borrowers to find the best mortgage. Their platform will create a custom mortgage offer where borrowers get to hand-pick lenders and third-party providers, including title-escrow providers, inspection providers, and insurance companies, all in easy to navigate platform. In most cases, this results in thousands in savings over the life of the loan. Confer’s AI-powered app enables borrowers to identify superior mortgage offers quickly. Confer’s platform will offer a wide spectrum of tools and services to all participants of the mortgage process. Confer plans to open up access to the digital platform for mortgage brokers, along with lenders and banks. This will make it easier for mortgage originators, regardless of size, skill, or budget, to expand their third-party provider network faster while increasing the choices provided to the borrowers.
Confer wants to stand out for its next-generation plug-and-play fintech platform that enables banks, lenders, and brokers to provide tools that facilitate informed customer decision-making.
“The innovation that Confer is bringing to the mortgage industry is aligned with the vision for the creative and unique startup ecosystem that is being fostered right here in McKinney. We are excited to welcome them here.”
Peter Tokar, MEDC President
To completely build out the mortgage marketplace, Confer Inc. is seeking $4MM in seed funding. To help achieve this goal, they got listed on the OCMX, a next-generation investor relations firm that helps bridge the gap between companies and financial networks. (
They are currently running a pilot program in which they are offering a $70 Amazon gift card for providing feedback about the app. Learn more and participate at:
(Note from Team Confer: We are always considering and exploring new business opportunities. We love connecting with banks, brokers, and realtors. Especially here in our hometown of Texas. Reach out to us if you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities. If you provide services as part of mortgage loan origination process, we want to hear from you.)
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